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Hawaiian Nuclear Alert commentary

Future historians will note that the turning point in Hawaiian independence came with the mistaken statewide nuclear alert of Jan 13, 2018. People were told they were going to die horribly. Further, for as yet un-ascertained reasons, air raid alarms were set of on US military bases and some TV stations broadcast a confirmation of a nuclear attack in progress. Not an alert, not a warning, they were told shelter in your homes its too late to seek shelter elsewhere and good luck goodbye.

People put their kids in the bathtub and prayed. People filled the H3 tunnel seeking shelter with their vehicles. People at work had to decide to shelter in place, or whether to try to spend their last few minutes on Earth with their spouse, or else with one of their children. People broke out the 100 year old scotch and went to a good vantage point.

Except for the latter, the rest of these folks are going to have lifetime scars. And the media response was very flat and un-empathetic like, oh no big deal. Really, was it no big deal that a million people saw their lives pass before their eyes and contemplated losing their loves, their family, all that they had worked for in the blink of an eye. Or, in the alternative, living out their remaining weeks in agony as their connective tissue dissolved.

This will never, ever be forgotten by the people who experienced it. It will have political consequences, hopefully positive ones, down the road.

Hawaii Panics After Alert About Incoming Missile Is Sent in Error

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Trump, Year 2

We all know the pain of being separated from one beloved person.

Multiply that times 800,000 and you have the inevitable outcome of Trump’s plan to exile the Dreamers.

Pain and sadness, criminalization and forcible expulsion from the country for people who were brought here as children and grew up here.

In many cases, this is the only home, the only language, the only culture and nation they have ever known.

I just can’t get my brain around how anyone in the political class is even considering talking about this.

A hateful, horrible, hideous idea.

The eight thousand expelled Cherokees of the Trail of Tears times one hundred.

This is an expression of a genocidal hatred that goes beyond mere dumbass racism into the realm of intentional evil on a massive scale for fun and profit.

Trump, Year 2

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