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Letter to Liz Warren’s campaign:

Letter to Liz Warren’s campaign:

Liz is my Senator and I started out supporting her. Now I am leaning Bernie or frankly, any Democrat but Liz. My disenchantment started with Liz wiffle-waffling over Medicaid for All. Is she for it or against it now? Having some third system for a transition as Liz has reportedly proposed is a trillion dollar opportunity cost which can and should be avoided.

Why can Liz not say anything nice about socialism? I am a union member and DSA member, and Liz’s program is a socialist program. Why can she not acknowledge democratic socialists such as Eugene Debs, Upton Sinclair, Michael Harrington, Bayard Rustin and Victor Berger? We don’t want ‘Bernie Lite’ and we definitely do not want another entitled, neoliberal, rightist candidate like Hillary Clinton. I’m so disappointed, and looking forward to a progressive challenger from the real Democratic party of the people when Liz runs again for Senate.

I was a credentialed voting state delegate to the 2018 Democratic convention. I welcome your response.


Henry Edward Hardy

Copyright © 2020 Henry Edward Hardy

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  1. Hello Mr. Hardy. I recently attempted to leave a “comment” on one of your older posts regarding Thor: Ragnarok when it informed me I was not able to do as such. I have copy-pasted the original “comment” below.

    I particularly enjoyed the fact that this film took a break from the usual seriousness of the Thor franchise and took a more comedy-centric route. I agree with most of the points you made in this review, though I would like to hear more about Thor and Hulk’s developing “bromance”. If you could reach out to me with more “hot takes” on this extravagant film as well as other recent Marvel films you’ve seen, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Snap Brannigan

    Comment by facecus | 30 June, 2020 | Reply

    • So sorry it took me 5 months to approve your comment!!! Thanks very much.

      As for Thor, it seems the story line will follow “The Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)” and “Unworthy Thor” story lines, which were nicely drawn and inked. I’m fine with Jane as a female Thor, I just don’t like [SPOILER] that she has cancer as her kryptonite and power-limiter. But it calls back to Don Blake and Frog-Thor, so it’s not far out of canon such as that is.

      Comment by scanlyze | 20 November, 2020 | Reply

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