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Trump, Year 2

We all know the pain of being separated from one beloved person.

Multiply that times 800,000 and you have the inevitable outcome of Trump’s plan to exile the Dreamers.

Pain and sadness, criminalization and forcible expulsion from the country for people who were brought here as children and grew up here.

In many cases, this is the only home, the only language, the only culture and nation they have ever known.

I just can’t get my brain around how anyone in the political class is even considering talking about this.

A hateful, horrible, hideous idea.

The eight thousand expelled Cherokees of the Trail of Tears times one hundred.

This is an expression of a genocidal hatred that goes beyond mere dumbass racism into the realm of intentional evil on a massive scale for fun and profit.

Trump, Year 2

Copyright © 2017 Henry Edward Hardy


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American Dark Ages, year 41

The United States wasn’t defeated by communism. The United States has been defeated by capitalism.

I count the American Dark Ages as starting December 7, 1972 with the last moon landing.

I have been looking at old ads and propaganda films and I am struck by the ringing tone of confidence that Americans effused back then. There was nothing that Americans couldn’t do. And corporations competed to see who could provide a higher standard of living to the working class.

But now, it wasn’t a communist invasion which ruined and depopulated New Orleans. It isn’t a Russian occupation ruling Detroit and keeping the people in penury. Though it might as well be.

At some point, the predatory element of American capitalism overcame the good sense of the ruling class and the United States started consuming itself. We neo-colonialized our own people. The US now is a hollowed-out caricature of what it once was. In reaction to the introduction of basic environmental and labor protection laws US corporations began to move production, and the jobs and income associated with them, overseas.

The productive effort and scientific and technological genius of the US was squandered on ten million million dollars of military spending. Not a typo, ten trillion dollars.

How can the US afford to bail out AIG for 182 billion but not Detroit for 18 billion? And since AIG was a giant re-insurance firm, why did banks insured by AIG still get bailed out too? And if banks got bailed out, how did AIG lose 182 billion overnight?

Instead of the patriarchal way of the Rockefellers and Carnagies and Mellons, who sought to improve the society through industrialization and philanthropy, albeit for uncertain motives, we now have the Kochs and Scaifes who appear to seek actively to destroy the Republic from within. And a Republican Party that would actually contemplate bankrupting the US in order to try to deny people the chance to *pay for* reasonably fair healthcare.

I am quite sorry to see that dystopian writers like Zamiatin, Huxley, Orwell, John Shirley, Phillip K Dick, Norman Spinrad, John Brunner, William Gibson, and Rudy Rucker, have been largely proven right. Though I am deeply impressed by their insights.

American Dark Ages, year 41. What fun.

Copyright © 2013 Henry Edward Hardy

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Characteristics of internet organizations and corporations

We reject: kings, presidents and voting.
We believe in: rough consensus and running code.

David Clark
Former Chair of the IAB, forerunner of IETF, 1992

Characteristics of internet organizations and corporations include:

  • Very flat organizational structure
  • Lack of respect for traditional models of organization (nation-states,
    for-profit corporations)
  • “Can-do” attitude
  • Social mission
  • Community
  • Respect for internet traditions
  • Computer-mediated communications
  • Innovation
  • Meritocracy

Examples of Internet-related organizations:

  • Sendmail Consortium Administers a widely used internet mail server program called Sendmail. Partnered with for-profit Sendmail Inc., see Sendmail Inc. corporate fact sheet.
  • Open Source Initiative A 501(c)3 tax exempt corp. Certifies open-source software.
  • Internet Engineering Task Force Principle engineering and standards-making body, under the auspices of
  • ISOC, the Internet Society ISOC sponsors the published internet standards, the RFC’s
    (Requests for Comments).
  • ARIN, American Registry for Internet Numbers

    Applying the principles of stewardship, ARIN, a nonprofit corporation, allocates Internet Protocol resources; develops consensus-based policies; and facilitates the advancement of the Internet through information and educational outreach.

    ARIN assigns internet numbers to the US and parts of the rest of the world. Other Regional Internet Registries include AfriNIC,, APNIC,, LACNIC,, and RIPE NCC,

  • Mozilla Foundation
  • We are helping make the Internet a place… where you and your neighbours build the world you want. that generates not only economic value, but also civic and social value. that is optimized for multiple languages and locales. that is trustworthy and has minimal risk for users.

    The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that sponsors the Mozilla project and devotes its resources to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Internet. We do this by supporting the community of Mozilla contributors and by assisting others who are building technologies that benefit users around the world.

    Sponsors of Firefox, Thunderbird and many other projects.

    Partnered with Mozilla Corporation, a for-profit subsidiary.

  • ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a not for profit Corporation which superrvises the Domain Name System under the auspices of US Department of Commerce
  • IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority,

    The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible for the global coordination of the DNS Root, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources.

    IANA is now operated by ICANN.

  • DARPA, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is the central research and development organization for the Department of Defense (DoD). It manages and directs selected basic and applied research and development projects for DoD, and pursues research and technology where risk and payoff are both very high and where success may provide dramatic advances for traditional military roles and missions.

    DARPA funded the Arpanet, forerunner of the Internet, and gave rise to much of the Internet’s risk-taking and out-of-the-box-thinking culture. Specializes in technologies leading to “disruptive change”.

The Global Internet is arguably larger than any corporation or nation in history, yet it has a very flat and dispersed implicate order. And it does work, most of the time.

Copyright © 2008 Henry Edward Hardy

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Comcast versus the Net

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Open Letter to the Ann Arbor Democratic Party

Open Letter to the Ann Arbor Democratic Party

Surely the right to enthusiastically applaud a political speech is Constitutionally protected speech; if not then there is no freedom of speech whatever left in this country.

We are a Democratic Party, and many of us would call ourselves Liberals; but where even the mildest and most socially unexceptionable forms of dissent such as applauding a political speech are suppressed then there is neither Liberty nor Democracy.


Henry Edward Hardy

Copyright © 2007 Henry Edward Hardy

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