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So Call Me Ishmael, Maybe

So Call Me Ishmael, Maybe

I stab at thee from Hell.
Doth magnetic virtue tell
the compasses of all
those ships bring them this way?

I trade my soul for a fish
at last then we must kiss.
I was looking for this
and now you’re in my way.

Your stare was holding.
Ripped skin, blubber showing.
Cold day, wind was blowing.
Where do you think you’re going baby?

Hey I just found you, and this is crazy
But here’s my harpoon, so call me Ishmael maybe.
In ev’ry light, at you lady
777’s a number, so call me Ishmael maybe.

So Call Me Maybe

“Moby Dick”, modern edition
Sung to the tune of “So Call Me Maybe”

Copyright © 2012 Henry Edward Hardy

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  1. Freekin’ funny… even if 98% of the people will not have the slightest idea what the heck you are talking about. I am glad I do. Well, I have no idea how the song goes, but the whale thing…oh, yeah.

    Comment by pouringmyartout | 18 October, 2012 | Reply

    • Glad you enjoyed that. Here’s the song so you can sing along with my new lyrics! :)

      Comment by scanlyze | 19 October, 2012 | Reply

      • My old computer doesn’t do links, so I couldn’t see it. Sorry. But I love that you do not talk down to your readers.

        Comment by pouringmyartout | 19 October, 2012

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