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Pakistani Raid In Waziristan

Pakistan: Protests over airstrike against al-Qaida

Pakistani airstrike on suspected al-Qaida hideouts sparks tribal protest

Pakistan: Army kills 25 insurgents

Protests against Pakistan army raid

Pakistan denies US aided airstrike

Gates Visits Kabul, Cites Rise in Cross-Border Attacks
Defense Secretary May Recommend More U.S. Troops

Today Against the Taliban

Zamzola, S. Waziristan, F.a.T.a., Pakistan

Location: 32° 41′ 39″ North, 70° 5′ 14″ East (actually from looking at Google Earth I suspect it might be the larger and smaller compounds west of there a bit).

Copyright © 2007 Henry Edward Hardy

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17 January, 2007 - Posted by | covert operations, intelligence, media, news, Pakistan, scanlyze

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  1. Will this make my Donald Rumsfeld stocks on trendio rise?

    Comment by Herbesse | 20 January, 2007 | Reply

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