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God Bless You Tracy Fullerton, Hero of the Net

Interesting article: Slamdance festival pulls Columbine video game at:

It seems a number of sponsors including USC’s Interactive Media Division have withdrawn from sponsorship of the Slamdance games competition consequent upon the irregular manner in which the game, Super Columbine Massacre RPG! was deleted from the list of finalists. CNN quotes USC Asst. Prof. Tracy Fullerton: They courted very avant-garde, independent gamemakers and if you’re going to do that, in the same way you stand by a very avant-garde filmmaker, you need to be prepared to stand by a gamemaker.

More on Tracey’s blog at Luicidal Tendencies:

God Bless you Tracey Fullerton! For your courage and outside-the-box thinking, on behalf of the Internet, Scanlyze dubs thee Hero of the Net!

Copyright (C) Henry Edward Hardy 2007

16 January, 2007 - Posted by | games, Hero of the Net, media, politics, scanlyze

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