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Ode to Conjunctive Normal Form

Oh Conjunctive Normal Form, how do I love thee?

((Do I love you because you’re beautiful,)
[OR] (are you beautiful because I love you?))
(([NOT] (Am I making believe I see in you a girl too lovely to be really true?)))
((Do I want you because you’re wonderful,)
[OR] (are you wonderful because I want you?))
(([NOT] (Are you the sweet invention of a lover’s dream))
[OR] (are you really as beautiful as you seem?))

Copyright © 2018 Henry Edward Hardy


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Ode to Happy Speedy

Ode to Happy Speedy

Oh Muses! Grant me your blessing
that I may sing the praises of
internet grocery supreme
swift, tireless Happy Speedy!

Chorus: Happy Speedy! Internet Grocery
Supreme, swift Happy Speedy!

Oh Happy Speedy, purveyor of
glucosine delights innumerable,
Swift! The packets soar, and racing
through the ethereal net, arrive.


Now minions assemble grocerial
items numerous and variable
San Pelegrino infused with vapors
carbolical and Deluxe Egg Salad.


Hear now of the cornucopia
DARPA hath wrought, bringing unto us
Lean Pockets Ham and Cheese
and artisinal cupcakes, Hackers Delight!


And swift now! To thine autochariots go
and bring thou the vittles divine
A tip shalt thou receive, and moreso
An ode in thy praise now I sing!


Copyright © 2017, 2018 Henry Edward Hardy

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