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Trump is like Elmer Gantry, only not smart, cool, or clever

Donald Trump reminds me a good deal of the fictional character Elmer Gantry from the eponymous 1927 novel by Sinclair Lewis and 1960 movie by director and screenwriter Richard Brooks. Gantry is a ne’er-do-well small time swindler and hustler with a sordid past who becomes involved with a charismatic evangelist and barnstormer who in the film is modeled after Aimee Semple McPherson.

Like Gantry, Trump is a liar, a womanizer, a cheat, and a scoundrel. Like Trump, Gantry is a manipulative psychopath who happily leaves a trail of ruined lives in his wake.

But unlike Trump, Gantry is cool, he is smart, and he isn’t blinded by malignant narcissism. Although Gantry doesn’t have any evident sense of conscience, he does seem to grasp that doing good feels good, that exposing the hypocritical and wicked feels better and best of all, he knows when the jig is up and it’s time to get out of town ahead of the posse.

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What is to be Done?

I admit that Mr. Trump reminds me of Mussolini with his puffed-up sense of arrogant self-importance, his childlike delight in praise, his bullying sense of wounded pride when confronted by honest criticism or any limits on his self-aggrandizing greed and entitlement.

Trump’s irrational demonization of immigrants, his attempts to equate Nazis and anti-Nazis or even to make anti-Nazis and the press the villains, his revanchist call to “Make America Great Again,” all this is reminiscent of the worst days of fascism and stalinism.

But for all that, having lost the support of 2/3 of the American electorate, big business, the joint chiefs, congressional leaders of both parties, the press and America’s allies, Trump must soon depart the stage. Indeed, one wonders if he is not yearning to have someone remove him from this cleft fork of his own cutting, with his increasingly deranged “stop me before I tweet again” morning raves and rants.

But as disturbing as Trump is, what most worries me is the 35% of Americans who refuse to accept rational evidence or logic, who join with Trump in vilifying the nation’s most honored and reliable news sources as “fake news,” who, in defiance of 70 years of American conservatism, apparently see no problem at all with the corruption of the US electoral process and the office of the President by Russians in the regime of Mr. Putin, an authoritarian and Machiavellian former KGB spy. That 35% of Americans won’t be going away. What is to be done?

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Never Again

400,000 Americans and 20 million Allies died violently fighting Fascism in World War II. Another 35 million were tortured, gassed, burned, died of disease and privation, slaughtered, bombed, starved, shot, and beaten to death.

Yes Mr. Trump, I expect that “some of them were good people.”

And God bless them all for saving the world. And damn us all if we let it happen again.

Never. Again.

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