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“War on Christianity” meet “War on Islam”

“War on Christianity” meet “War on Islam” (using the US, and Afghanistan and Iraq as the templates)

People say things about you and your religion which you don’t like.

Both: Yes.

A nation of the other religion conquered your country and had executed the former leader.

Islam: Yes.
Christianity: No.

The media considers the name of your religion to be synonymous with “extremism” and “terrorism”.

Islam: Yes.
Christianity: Not so much.

Your country is being occupied by a superpower which is predominantly of the other religion.

Islam: Yes.
Christianity: No.

Civilians in your country are subject to illegal assassination carried out by remotely piloted aircraft.

Islam: Yes.
Christianity: No.

Your religion is subjected to occasional terrorist attacks.

Both: Yes, but in the case of the victims of the other religion, each religion’s fanatics blames the victims.

The terrorist attacks on your religion are reported as a major world news event.

Christianity: Yes.
Islam: Not so much.

Your country possesses, and asserts the right to strike first with nuclear weapons.

Christianity: Yes.
Islam: No.

What do you think of my analysis?

Copyright © 2015 Henry Edward Hardy

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  1. A Christian, a Jew and a Muslim enter a bar and the bartender asks “What’ll you have?” The Christian opts for a beer, the Jew has a wine and Muslim kills them both for violating Sharia law.

    What do you think of my joke?

    I suppose it is puerile but then what can you expect from an evangelical atheist.

    Sam Harris has a lot to say on Islam (e.g., “… mother lode of bad ideas”), though Fareed Zakaria is more measured on the subject. But I think Anne Lamont said it best: “You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.”

    Glad to find you on the web Henry. Sorry for tweaking you. It’s all in good fun. Best wishes.

    Comment by Father James | 8 May, 2015 | Reply

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